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Artist Statement

I have been designing silver jewellery since 1979, my way of making a living and expressing the inner drive to create. It has always been my goal to produce a clean, refined product which is durable, attractive and affordable.


I am fascinated with the techniques of shaping, flattening, bending and melting silver: I find endless possibilities in transforming one shape into another. The sweeping curve of bent wire, hammered, shaped and polished becomes a powerful statement on its own.  With time I added other materials to the silver structure, such as glass, pearls or stones.  This increased the personality of the metalwork, and challenged my ability to ensure longevity to my work.


Further on in my career, I felt the need to learn the art of lampworking, melting and blending colored glass rods to make my own creations where every piece has its' unique identity.  With time I developed new tools and techniques using an oxygen-propane torch and the fusion process in the kiln.Working off mandrel, I am enchanted by the white hot liquid glass flowing and forming in its' own way until it cools. A moment of frozen time hardened into the patterns and combinations it will forever hold.  The results of my lampwork creations give the viewer  free reign to create their own story of what they perceive.


I am still meeting people wearing my creations, sometimes passed down from mothers or grandmothers who bought it from me in different craft shows or boutiques. I'm always happy to see how my silver and glass jewelry designs are built to last. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I loved making it.


From the hands of the artist to you.

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